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How to buy a gun in Alabama

According to the State Constitutional Provision in Alabama “Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.” This allows individuals to possess firearms without a license or permit except only in the case where an individual wants to carry a concealed handgun in public. Then he or she is required to have a permit.  To read more about this, visit: http://www.lcav.org/states/alabama.asp#ConcealedWeaponsPermitting

The Constitutional Provision of Alabama gives allowances for guns to be sold easily. Those who want to find low-priced guns, ‘used guns for sale’ are available so that people can buy guns cheaply and in good condition. To find guns for sale, research online and ask people around for good licensed shops. But don’t forget that in Alabama, guns for sale can also be bought through private dealers online or through online stores as well. To some, this might sound risky and illegal but it is not in Alabama. In fact if a private dealer is selling in Alabama, he or she only needs to ensure that he or she does not sell the gun to a prohibited person who was convicted of some crime of violence or is a drug addict. To read more characteristics about a person who is prohibited to own firearms, visit:


In the end buying guns for sale in Alabama is a very easy thing to do compared to some other states like New York.

Where to get a gun in Alabama

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