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How to buy a gun in Connecticut

Connecticut is one those states in the US that doesn’t have a very gun-friendly laws. This is why guns for sale require a procedure in Connecticut. Although no permit is required to purchase a shotgun or rifle but during the sale, the buyer is required to complete the Federal form 4473 (yellow, two-page form) and State Form DPS-67-C (Application to Purchase). Most importantly, the buyer and seller will wait for two weeks before the sale or delivery of the rifle or shotgun takes place. However the waiting period and completion of application does not apply on law enforcement officers, active duty military personnel, and holders of a valid state permit to carry a handgun.  In addition, holders of a valid hunting license or antique firearms do not need to wait either. The two week waiting period exists so that Special License and Firearms Unit and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms can conduct complete research on the buyer. Also in case of second sales between non-licensed dealers, no paperwork or notification is required. But it is strongly recommended that all firearms should be voluntarily registered. When the SLFU and ATF approves of the sale of the firearm for a particular buyer then the final step to complete the sale transaction process is to fill State Form DPS-3-C (Sale or Transfer) so that the firearm can be legally be delivered to the buyer.

For the sale of the handgun, a DPS-67-C and a DPS-3-C (4 copies) must be completed. Also a permit to purchase and carry a handgun is required by a person planning to buy a handgun in Connecticut.

To understand more about the procedure of sales and transfer of firearms in Connecticut, visit: http://www.ct.gov/dps/cwp/view.asp?a=2158&Q=294488&dpsNav=|

This is why in Connecticut guns for sale might seem very difficult but it is not in reality. By doing proper research and reading up about how used guns for sale can be purchased, one can easily buy or sell a gun in Connecticut. Private dealers and licensed dealers can be both effortlessly found who have guns for sale in Connecticut.

Where to get a gun in Connecticut

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