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How to buy a gun in Idaho

You might require a gun in Idaho for many purposes. But most commonly, you would want a gun in Idaho for hunting as Idaho is famous for the most varied form of hunting in the west. In any case, you don’t need to worry about the license or permit to purchase a gun because Idaho is not strict about the gun laws. So you can buy a gun as long as you are within the legal age and you have not been convicted of felony.

The only thing Idaho doesn’t allow is to carry a concealed weapon. You are allowed to openly carry a weapon as long as it is visible on person but to carry a concealed weapon you need a permit. To obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon, you need to do the following:

It is important that before you apply for the concealed carry weapon permit, you need take one of the following courses:

  • A hunter education or hunter safety course that is approved by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game or a similar agency of another state.
  • A National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course or any National Rifle Association hunter education course.
  • A firearms safety or training course or class offered by a law enforcement agency, community college, college, university, or private or public school or firearms training school. Make sure you utilize instructors certified by the National Rifle Association or the Idaho State Police
  • A law enforcement firearms safety or training course is offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, law enforcement agencies or security enforcement agencies.

You are not required to take the courses, if you can prove the following when submitting your application:

  • You have to submit evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm through your participation in the military or an organized shooting competition.
  • If you are licensed or have been licensed to carry a firearm in Idaho or an Idaho county or city, except if your license has been canceled for some reason.

Finally if you have taken one of the above mentioned courses or are eligible to apply then you can visit your county sheriff to apply for the permit. To find the websites of all the county sheriff department in Idaho, visit: http://www.isp.idaho.gov/citizen/police_links.html

For more information regarding the procedure to apply, visit: http://www.ag.idaho.gov/concealedWeapons/concealedWeapons_index.html

And remember, the sheriff will issue the permit within ninety days of filing the application.

Where to get a gun in Idaho?

There are a variety of physical stores that provide guns for sale in Idaho. It is important that before you buy your gun and you should know the purpose of buying a gun. Different guns have different purposes. You can also buy used guns for sale that are in good condition from private dealers. In Idaho, guns for sale can be bought from everywhere as long as it is within law of the state and federal laws.

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