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How to buy a gun in Maryland

Living in Maryland, you are given your constitutional right to possess firearms without a permit but you need a license to carry a concealed weapon. Although no regulation is done when it comes to the sale of rifles or shotguns but for handguns and assault weapons, strict regulation is done. One cannot sell, transfer, rent or posses a handgun or assault weapon without it being regulated in Maryland.

Buying handguns and assault weapons in Maryland

The first thing you should remember when buying a handgun in Maryland is that your background will be checked and verified when you complete and submit your application. You must complete the application that is sent by the dealer or law enforcement agency to the Secretary of the State Police for investigation.   Also your application for the purchase of a handgun or assault weapon from an approved dealer can be rejected by the secretary of Maryland State Police during a seven day waiting period. You will also be required to provide information regarding your eligibility to purchase or possess a handgun and provide details such as the description of the handgun being purchased. There is a $10 fee for this.

The application to carry a concealed handgun is also submitted to the Secretary of State Police.  You will need a printed application form and you should also submit a notarized letter stating the reasons why you are applying for a permit. Make sure that you fulfill the requirements required by the state that make you eligible as an applicant.  To read up more on it, visit:


Where to get a gun in Maryland ?

In Maryland, guns for sale can be bought from physical stores and online stores. One can also buy used guns for sale from private dealers as long as the potential buyer is not on the prohibited list of people who are not allowed to posses a gun. Therefore before buying guns for sale in Maryland, make sure that you are on the safe list.

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