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How to buy a gun in Minnesota

The gun laws in Minnesota allow the purchase of any guns without permits except for handguns. To buy a handgun, a person must present a handgun transferee permit or carry permit or he or she should undergo a seven day waiting period in which the transfer report will be filed to check whether the person qualifies for the permit.

To obtain a transferee permit, one must visit the police chief of a municipality or the county sheriff. After completing the required forms, the police chief or sheriff will investigate the applicant and will either issue or deny the transferee permit within seven days.

To get an overview about the law in Minnesota, visit: http://www.nraila.org/statelawpdfs/MNSL.pdf

Where to get a gun in Minnesota

So apart from handguns in Minnesota, guns for sale are easily available to attract buyers. Therefore buying affordable guns that are in good condition is easy in Minnesota. Some licensed dealers have physical stores while others have online stores where they have guns for sale. To purchase used guns for sale in Minnesota, check out stores and websites that are credible and famous. It is always best to take your time in researching so that you have many options to buy the right gun.

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