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How to buy a gun in Missouri

Missouri is one of the states in America that has kept flexible laws regarding firearms. “Flexible” not in the sense that just anybody can buy or keep a gun but flexible in the sense that firearms are easier to obtain for people who deserves to own it legally and want it for protection. So what law do you need to keep in mind when purchasing a gun in Missouri? Luckily in Missouri you don’t need to keep any law in mind because to buy a rifle or shotgun or handgun, you don’t need a permit or a license.

If you are a citizen of Missouri, the only thing you should remember regarding firearm law is that carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited. You need a “concealed carry weapon” endorsement to be able take your concealed handgun anywhere.

How to get a “Conceal carry weapon” endorsement?

The first thing you need to do is check whether you qualify for the “conceal carry weapon” endorsement. To qualify the applicants should be:

  • 23 years of age or older
  • Eligible for a driver or non-driver license
  • Have a valid Concealed Carry Certificate of Qualification
  • Check and ensure that your Concealed Carry Certificate of Qualification information has accurately been entered in the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) database.

For more information about the Concealed Carry Certificate of Qualification and how to store more your information in MULES, visit Missouri’s Department of Revenue’s website:


Where to get a gun in Missouri ?

Now you know the firearm laws that govern Missouri. So you can go ahead and buy the gun you are looking for. In Missouri guns for sale and used guns for sale can be bought from physical licensed stores, online stores and from private dealers. It is good t

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