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How to buy a gun in Nebraska

To some people who are against ‘violence’, buying or owning a gun is a big “NO”. But that does not change the fact that a gun is one the most effective tool for self-defense. Some research shows that people are able to protect themselves simply by showing that they are armed. Owning a gun can be a very useful thing. But to buy a gun in any state within the U.S, first you need to look up the firearm law in the state. Some states have very rigid gun-control laws while many states in the U.S are flexible.

What about Nebraska?

Nebraska has flexible gun laws. You do not need a permit to buy a rifle or a shot gun except for a handgun. To buy a handgun, you should have a certificate. By processing your application for the certificate by the police chief or sheriff in your city or county, you are likely to get the certificate within two days. In those two days, a background check will be conducted on you. The fee for the background check and application is $5.00.

This is not the end of the story. If you are planning to carry the handgun in a concealed manner, you need to obtain a concealed handgun permit from Nebraska State Police. You can find the application form here: http://www.statepatrol.nebraska.gov/forms/ccw/CCW_NSP1710_Application.pdf

For more information regarding a conceal carry weapon, visit: http://www.statepatrol.nebraska.gov/ConcealCarry.aspx

Where to get a gun in Nebraska?

Guns for sale can be bought from 3 medium which are physical stores, online stores and private dealers. If you are planning to buy used guns for sale then you can look up online stores and private dealers. In Nebraska, guns for sale should be purchased after careful and detailed research so you end buying a legal and safe gun.

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