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How to buy a gun in New Jersey

New Jersey, the second wealthiest state in the U.S, has very strict gun laws. Normally in many states, a firearm license or identity is not required to purchase a gun but this is not the scenario in New Jersey. So what do you do if you are planning to buy a gun in New Jersey?

Here are the following steps, you need to take:

You can get the application from here, http://www.ewpd.com/firearms/change_address.pdf.

  • To buy a handgun, you also need to fill out “handgun purchase permit”. Which is the same application form as “firearms purchases identification” so you can also get it from here: http://www.ewpd.com/firearms/change_address.pdf
  • To apply for either of them, you need go to your local police station.

For more information about the firearms laws and to keep yourself up-to-date, visit: http://www.state.nj.us/njsp/faq.html

And remember you also require a “permit to carry a concealed weapon” to carry your handgun concealed. The application is available here: http://www.state.nj.us/njsp/info/pdf/firearms/sp-642.pdf

Where to get a gun in New Jersey ?

Guns, of all manners are sold in New Jersey (except illegal guns) and as long as you are following the proper law, you don’t need to worry. Make sure you read up on the law thoroughly. You can buy guns for sale from physical stores as well the numerous online stores.  Used guns for sale can also be bought from New Jersey. In New Jersey, guns for sale need to be sold in a legal manner to avoid trouble and hassle.

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