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How to buy a gun in Rhode Island

You might require a gun for many different reasons. Maybe you feel that you need it for the protection of your family, home and yourself. Or maybe you enjoy hunting and want to own a gun to hunt. Or it would be for recreational purposes such as target shooting. Or maybe you are a collector of guns. Whatever the reason maybe, in the U.S due to the Second Amendment in the Constitution, it is your right to “keep and bear arms”. But this ‘right’ might differ from state to state and depends on each state’s firearms law.

In Rhode Island, one of the smallest states of U.S, the firearms law is flexible but with some requirements. First of all, it depends on what type of gun you are buying. The case of buying a shotgun and rifle differ from the case of buying a handgun. Here is what you do if you are buying a:

Shotgun or rifle:

To buy a shotgun or rifle from a licensed dealer or a private dealer, one must complete a “Purchase of a Shotgun or Rifle Application Form” before the sale can progress. The seller will then conduct a background check on you through the local police or the superintendent of the State Police. If you clear the background check by the investigating agency, then the seller will deliver you the gun after 7 days after twelve noon of the day following day, the application had been sent.


Before you can buy a handgun, it is important that you complete one of the following state-issued handgun safety courses:

  • Hunter safety course
  • Pistol safety course administered by the Department of Environment Management and passing of the DEM objective test on handgun safety
  • Passing the DEM objective test on handgun safety which is available at the place of purchase or at the DEM headquarters

When you complete one of these courses then you are required to present the seller with the state-issued handgun safety card and complete a “Purchase of a pistol or revolver application form”. After you have completed the form, the seller will mail it to the Superintendant of the State Police or to the local chief of police so that they can conduct a background check on you. If seven days pass from twelve noon of the day following when the application has been sent and if the seller does not receive any negative information about you, then your handgun will be delivered to you.

Where to get a gun in Rhode Island

This is the process you go through to buy any type of gun in Rhode Island. The background check is just a safety measure to screen people and guns for sale are easily available in Rhode Island. Used guns for sale can also be bought keeping the necessary laws in the mind. Make sure you do proper research before buying guns. In Rhode Island, guns for sale can be bought from different outlets such as a physical stores or even online stores. Make sure that you buy guns in a legal manner before you buy guns for sale in Rhode Island.

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