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How to buy a gun in South Carolina

In South Carolina, when purchasing firearms one need not worry about having a permit or even about registering the firearm with the State’s Police Department like it is required in Hawaii. Also there are no permits required to carry rifles or shotguns except in the case of carrying a concealed handgun where having a permit is very important. The criteria for one to be eligible for the permit are:

  • Age : 21 years or older
  • Not prohibited from possessing a firearm
  • Should be a resident of South Carolina or a non-resident who owns property in South Carolina, or military personnel on permanent change of station orders.

To read more about how to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun in South Carolina, visit: http://www.usacarry.com/south_carolina_concealed_carry_permit_information.html

Where to get a gun in South Carolina

In any case, even with restriction on concealed handguns, one can still buy used guns for sale easily in South Carolina. Such guns from sale are available though private dealers as well licensed dealers who own stores that sell firearms. To make sure that you find the right guns for sale in South Carolina and do your research online or through feedback to make sure that you are buying your gun from the right place at reasonable cost. In South Carolina, guns for sale do not have any restrictions so buyers need not worry.

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