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How to buy a gun in South Dakota

According to South Dakota Constitutional Provisional, “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be denied”. Therefore South Dakota has laws that allow its citizens to bear arms in peace without any lengthy procedure.

As a citizen of South Dakota, there are two things you need to remember regarding the firearms law. The first thing you need to remember about the firearms law is that when you go to purchase a handgun, you will be required to complete an application. Then the seller or dealer will within 6 hours mail or hand deliver that application to the police chief of the municipality or sheriff of the county of which you are a resident. A duplicate of the application will remain with the seller and while the original will either remain with the police chief or sheriff for a period of one year. Finally when the pistol is delivered to you, it will be securely wrapped and unloaded.

The second thing you need to remember about handguns is that you need a concealed carry weapon permit to carry the handgun concealed. To get more details about the concealed carry weapon permit, visit:http://www.sdsos.gov/adminservices/adminpdfs/PistolPermitApplication20110211Fillable%20Form.pdf

Also the details related to the permit is mentioned in the following website: http://www.penningtoncountysheriff.com/lawenforce/civil2.htm#book

Where to get a gun in South Dakota

Now that you know about the firearms laws in South Dakota, you can finally buy the gun you are hunting for. Lots of options are available when guns for sale take place. To purchase guns for sale in South Dakota, don’t only consider new guns. You can also think about buying used guns for sale. In South Dakota, guns for sale can only be successful when research has been done properly.

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