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How to buy a gun in Utah

The firearm laws in Utah allow the purchase of guns without permits or a license. However, it is unlawful for a gun dealer to sell or transfer any firearm to a buyer until a background check has been conducted and approved by the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Only a person with a valid Utah concealed firearm permit can waive the BCI background check and the corresponding fees. Nevertheless, the dealer should still call BCI to confirm the validity of the concealed firearm permit. To learn more about the BCI, visit: http://publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/index.html

Also to have a concealed firearm in Utah, you are required to have a concealed firearm permit. Starting May 11, 2011 there will be many changes to the concealed firearm permit process. To learn more about this permit, visit: http://publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/concealedfirearms.html

To posses a rifle, handgun or shotgun, no state permit is required. This fact holds true unless the person has committed a felony or other cases mentioned on the following website: http://www.nraila.org/statelawpdfs/UTSL.pdf

Where to get a gun in Utah?

In Utah, guns for sale are sold by dealers to attract buyers. Therefore buying affordable and used guns in Utah is easy. You only need get your BCI background check done. Dealers have physical stores and online stores where they have guns for sale. To purchase used guns for sale in Utah, check out stores and websites that are credible and highly recommended. Take your time in researching the best places so that you have many options to buy the right gun.

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